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Why Should You Begin Start Your Academic Career with Capital Versity?

Develop industry-specific knowledge and abilities

Our programs help students develop skills that are tailored to a job or industry.

Learning that is adaptable

Make your study plan or take advantage of one of our cost-effective learning paths.

A well-known name in the financial services training industry

Financial Market Training’s learning platform is called Capital Versity. organizations for over 25 years, we’ve trained over 100k people in major financial organizations.

Expert tutors designed it

Capital Versity, designed by industry experts, will help you further your career in finance by providing you with practical skills and tools, as well as must-haves like Bloomberg.

On-demand Education

You may learn at your own pace, on any device, at any time.

Obtain Certification

Our learning paths include accreditation. Learn the industry and finance abilities that all financial companies are looking for right now to land your ideal career.

Best Forex Education Courses

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Year of Experience

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Trusted by over 5,000 members worldwide

We are experts in Trading

Financial Markets Online is the No.1 Best Forex education course on Trustpilot with thousands of successful traders all over the world working with our professional team across the financial markets. We work with a wide variety of individuals from new traders as well as experienced professionals. Message us now to start your journey with us.

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What do you want to learn today?

FX Fast-Tracked

Looking to fast-track your trading? Learn to trade live alongside professionals with access to a 24-module online course and daily trading information.

3 Day Forex Trading Masterclass

3 days on the Capital Versity trading floor learning price action and technical analysis to give you a winning edge in the market. On the final day, we put theory to practice for a full day of live trading.

Funded Trader Programme

Looking to fast-track your trading? We will fund you up to $1,500,000. Work in direct contact with our professional trading team splitting all profits 50:50.

Advanced Trader Programme

Learn who drives the market & how best to capitalize on these moves. Increase your return by trading 60 additional assets including Stocks, Commodities & Metals in line with the major players of today’s markets.

Crypto Currency Trading

This Cryptocurrency trading course is designed for those who have little or no financial trading background and wish to make the best of the cryptocurrency boom.

helping individuals reach their goals and pursue their dreams

The Complete Forex Education platform for learning and application


  • 6 out of 10 respondents said that Capital Versity is an important part of their lives.
  • 7 out of 10 respondents said that they wished they had started their education sooner.
  • 70% said they had either no experience or were novices before starting with Capital Versity.
  • 64% said they were more confident in managing their money.
  • 76% said they were more knowledgeable about how to manage risk.
  • 81% of students said they feel more knowledgeable about how the markets work.
  • 70% reported that they are trading live in the market.

Choose from our trading courses that suit beginner to advanced traders

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Register for free access to a comprehensive trading education

    It’s time. It’s YOUR time. Come join us for a free trading and investing workshop in your area.

    • Complete Forex EducationFor both beginner and advanced traders
    • International Stock TradingWe offer training in the international stock market with our proprietary desk.
    • Monthly trading eventsWe offer monthly trading events around the UK and UAE
    • Practical ApproachWe focus on delivering practical training that is why our students sit with the personal pc from the very first day
    • Experienced FacultyCombined faculty experience of 50+ years
    • Best SupportOur online programs come with direct support from our faculty members
    • InfrastructureBest infrastructure with the latest software required to learn stock trading
    • Learn from experienced tradersWe have over 50+ years experience in Forex trading

    Awards and Accolades

    These remarkable and incredible recognitions encourage us to thrive our best to add value to every individual’s life by providing world-class digital marketing programs.

    Times Award 2021

    Times Award 2019

    Urban Pro

    Who this Course For

    In this ever-changing world where within the blink of an eye digitalization occurs. It becomes essential to reconstruct our skills and escalate upon the path of success. Our courses have been comprehensively curated to provide our learners with the most excellent knowledge and hands-on exposure to live projects. Designed with the assistance of industry experts, the course guarantees the enhancement of the skill set.


    Students who are willing to kick start their career in the digital world.
    After completing this course you will be able to:-

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    Helps in understanding the complete techniques to earn more profit in the financial market.

    In-depth technical knowledge of Trends & Patterns to identify price movements.

    Skilled Professionals

    Skilled professionals who are eager to boost their earnings.
    After completing this course you will be able to:-

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    Helps to become a good trader with full knowledge about the Trading and Investments.

    Tactics to apply in trading to reduce risk and gain more profit in the financial market.


    Entrepreneurs who are aspiring to grow their business or start-up through digital methods.
    After completing this course you will be able to:-

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    Make you stronger for handling adverse situations without facing any loss.

    Makes you flexible to trade anywhere and everywhere.


    Homepreneurs who are looking forward to inheriting new talents.
    After completing this course you will be able to:-

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    Helps in building confidence in every domain of financial market.

    Grows horizon to all sectors of investment.


    Freelancers who are enthusiastic to earn a secure income.
    After completing this course you will be able to:-

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    Understanding the Money Management and Risk Management techniques.

    With right techniques & methods likely to earn from the market through trading & Investments.

    Training Methods

    Classroom Training

    Capital Versity classroom training or instructor-led training (ILT) is NASBA certified and offers CPE credits. Our instructors are working practitioners or consultants with years of experience and expertise. They bring real-world perspective to their classrooms and…

    Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT)

    Are your employees in need of training, but are dispersed geographically? Do you have a limited time available for learning? Does your budget prevent you from conducting a group In-House Learning session, due to travel cost…

    Online Learning — eLearning

    Capital Versity offers flexible online learning solutions for organizations, groups, and individual learners. Custom eLearning Courses and Assessments Capital Versity content and technical learning experts can partner with you to design, develop, and deliver creative and…

    Financial Simulation

    How do you ensure that knowledge obtained through training can be transferred to results back on the job? By providing a safe environment in which to practice new skills and apply new knowledge. Capital Versity case-based…

    Blended Learning

    Sometimes more than one learning method or approach is necessary or appropriate. In these instances, Capital Versity uses blended learning which can combine online learning and classroom training, or classroom training with simulations, or other variations…
    Capital Versity

    Look at the financial institutions that already trust our learning solutions


    Access to Professional Traders With Over 25 Years Trading Experience

    • EVENTS

    Ideal for those looking to make their first profitable trade

    We give the Best Forex Education course. Our foundation course will provide you with all the tools & analysis required to generate a secondary income alongside your current work commitments. We have simplified proven trading techniques and strategies easy to understand to give you the best start in the markets and understand when to pull the trigger with high probability trading setups.

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    Learn how financial markets and forex works

    Learn to trade forex with us and spend 3 full days on our trading floor with our professional trading team. Discover the key components to trading success including digging deep into trading psychology. Maintaining the right mindset is one of the most important factors in being a successful trader. Following on with 2 intensive days of training covering price action in detail, multiple timeframe analysis, reversal patterns, a full day on technicals and introducing additional methods of trading to suit all lifestyles.

    Day 3 is a full day of live trading where we put theory to practice on a live market. You will have the chance to trade alongside the trading team. Our record is 167 pips banked on a live trading day.

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    Weekly webinars with our head traders

    Live from the trading floor our professional traders allow all members to trade alongside them 3 times per week. During the webinars we will cover our routine, market sentiment, how to find top quality trading setups in line with what markets are currently strong & weak on the lower timeframes and are always open to all questions and suggestions throughout.

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    Join our Telegram group

    Follow our professional traders daily online via VIP telegram groups to stay on top of every trade that is placed from all traders on the trading floor, which markets we have our eye on and all important market updates. Educational content to support the current market climate is also posted regularly.

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    Perfect to improve existing trading skills

    Trade alongside the major banks & institutes, It’s their activity which moves markets and using Commitment Of Traders you can see their positions first-hand which puts anyone with this information at an advantage. To compliment CoT data we provide over 60 charts showing historical performance of a variety of assets up to 50 years old. Combining this understanding of the financial markets with advanced price action you will be in the position to trade very high reward to risk trades.

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    Meet other traders

    Capital Varsity host regular trading events on our trading floors in London & Dubai. Our live trading & educational events are your chance to meet professional traders and like-minded individuals, learn new trading strategies & discuss the current market state. To trade live with our professionals please click below to browse our upcoming events.

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    Capital Versity

    Hundreds of reviews written by our traders help give you confidence

    • Instructor was patient. Pace was excellent. Created a comfortable environment conducive to learning. Genuinely interested in knowing that the students felt comfortable with their learning experience.

      D K Yadav
    • Learning Material and teaching are all on point. The instructor really tries his best to make everything simple as possible.

      Tarun Kumar Sharma
    • After taking this class for the 2 nd time, I feel much more confident in the trade. I loved it.

      Monica Smith
    • This course has opened my eyes to how much control I truly have over my financial and personal future. I learned so many tools both technical and personal mindset. Thank you.

      Paul George
    • This class was exceptional and very informative. The instructor and support staff present the information in a way that was very easy to understand. They were able to answer any questions and help me understand the thought process of the strategies presented.

      Frank Miller
    • Trading with trend lines was a high-impact course that covered all the points in detail along with examples. The course has made me more knowledgeable and has given me more clarity for buying and selling shares. Capital Versity has been conducting outstanding short online courses with the best faculties for a variety of courses.

      Vikas Jain
    • I have gained knowledge about different types of charts and trading which will help me in better investment decisions. The certificate from this course has added value to my profile.

      Aadiya Khurana
    • The course was very interactive and helped me to learn key points in trading. The Faculties were from the industry and very knowledgeable.

      Priyanka Gupta
    • The course has given me a complete overview of wealth management. It gives information about the basics of wealth management and how wealth managers can help people to build their wealth.

      Richa Sinha
    • The learning experience was very good. The learning from this course has added value to my knowledge regarding mutual funds and will be beneficial towards my MBA curriculum.

      Mitanshu Agarwal
    • The learning experience was very good. The learning from this course has added value to my knowledge regarding mutual funds and will be beneficial towards my MBA curriculum.

      Puneet Kumar
    • I have gone through of different courses over a few years and I’m still not consistently probitablebut I have never given up, this course finally shown me how smart money trades with all the information explained which no other course I have taken or seeing does.

      Dipjyoti Bisharad
    • I started to take courses from the CAPITAL VERSITY platform. Each semester they provide courses with the skills demanded in the industry. I have tried different other platforms for online courses and no doubt CAPITAL VERSITY is the best.

      Rahul Madhavan
    • I feel proud and honored to get a certification as an CAPITAL VERSITY star. I want to appreciate and thank the professors for their valuable videos and lecture notes during the course duration Course materials live and recorded videos were easy to follow and paved a way to enrich my knowledge.

      Arnab Hazra
    • The journey was awesome throughout. I learned a lot from these wonderful student-friendly courses designed by the faculties of Trade. The weekly assignments helped me to clear my basics.

      Arumugham Natàrajan
    • I have been taking CAPITAL VERSITY courses for the last 2-3 years. During this time, I have taken over 100 online courses to teach myself from various online platforms.

      Navdeep Pandey
    • I had a good experience with CAPITAL VERSITY. I did about 15 courses with them. All of that became useful very much.

      Nagendra Singh
    • The journey was awesome throughout. I learned a lot from these wonderful student-friendly courses designed by the faculties of CAPITAL VERSITY.

      Tanmoy Majumder
    • I always had a grace towards CAPITAL VERSITY like many of my generation. Its indeed a great opportunity for someone like me to listen and learn from some of the top class professors of the country.

      Vijay Srinivas
    • The content was quality-based and was very good, nicely explained. Then after every semester, Overall I would like to say it was a good experience to study with CAPITAL VERSITY.

      Sunil Godbole
    • CAPITAL VERSITY online courses have provided me the opportunity of Flexibility to learn at my own pace with wide exposure to knowledge in a competitive world.

      Nikhat Anjum
    • Weekly assignments and lectures helped a lot in grasping the concepts. It was a great learning experience beyond the classroom learning.

      Vishakha Raghunath Mote
    • I am happy to get recognized as an CAPITAL VERSITY star. I have learned many new things from the courses which are offered by CAPITAL VERSITY.

      Varghese Reji
    • No matter what stage of professional life, one must keep learning. Skill development must continue for a long if you want to remain relevant and valuable to your employer, as well as have opportunities to advance.

      Rakesh DR
    • For two years I am doing CAPITAL VERSITY courses. This is a very exclusive platform where students and faculty get an opportunity to learn from the experts in the field.

      Dr. Chetana Hegde
    • The certification courses that I have completed helped me. I found that learning from experts is always advantageous than reading many books, as it saves a lot of time.

      Mr. Rishi Raj
    • I express my gratitude to CAPITAL VERSITY who provides me a great platform to enhance my knowledge while executing my job.

      Mr. Indrajit A. Kamble
    • I MANGAMURI RAMANJANEYULU working as faculty in Forex college. I have done several CAPITAL VERSITY certification courses.

      Mangamuri Ramanjaneyulu
    • Learning through the CAPITAL VERSITY Platform is the best method to supplement your education in other unrelated fields to my core.

      Ananda Kumar
    • I feel honored and privileged to be an CAPITAL VERSITY STAR: Believer and Enthusiast. I studied 9 courses and I topped in one course.

      Malaya Chetia
    • “I’ve completed 6+ courses in various Forex streams in the past year. Firstly, I would like to thank team CAPITAL VERSITY for maintaining the CAPITAL VERSITY portal where the courses can be browsed effortlessly.

      Mrs.Rajashree Atul Deshmukh
    • My experience on the CAPITAL VERSITY platform has been nothing short of incredible. My main motive behind enrolling in the CAPITAL VERSITY courses was to improvise myself in the Forex knowledge of core competencies.

      Jay Sharma
    • At the outset my heartfelt thanks to ALL for initiating this unique CAPITAL VERSITY. The process of learning from premier institutes and being certified is of course a remarkable accomplishment for an individual.

      Shrinivas G
    • I am very happy to tell you about my experience with CAPITAL VERSITY learning. As already, I am already having a good job, and I am satisfied with my job.

    • Thanks for your kind mail and for recognizing me. As requested I would like to mention that CAPITAL VERSITY is a wonderful platform to learn and enhance the knowledge in all the TRADES with the help of Professors and Experts.

    • My experience with CAPITAL VERSITY is pretty good. I had completed 10 courses from CAPITAL VERSITY and the best thing about the course is the way they teach.

      Dr. Raveesh Agarwal
    • It has always been a dream to receive a world-class education and CAPITAL VERSITY has provided opportunities to many around the world.

      Balachandra Kumaraswamy
    • CAPITAL VERSITY is an online learning platform that has grown leaps and bounds in educating lakhs of online learning enthusiastic students (of all ages).

      J Prakash Vel
    • I am thankful for selecting CAPITAL VERSITY courses. CAPITAL VERSITY Courses are conducted by experienced Trading Faculties.

      Mohnish Nagle
    • I express my gratitude to the whole CAPITAL VERSITY team. I took many CAPITAL VERSITY courses and got certified. I am very happy with the teaching faculty.

      Prithvi C
    • CAPITAL VERSITY provides a great learning platform to get tutored by the top faculties of our country. It helped me to explore more on a variety of topics and the currently ongoing research.

      Ashmita Kundu
    • CAPITAL VERSITY helps me grow multidimensionally from academic to research & Administrative work.

      G. Sudha
    • I learnt almost entire basics to advanced concepts of Trading through CAPITAL VERSITY courses.

      Mogulla Krishna Reddy
    • It increases our confidence so that we can boldly assert ourselves as better qualified.

      M. Sarpparaje
    • Mostly the videos and hence the courses helped me for building my basics, which inturn helped me in my various exams.

      Jyothi Bellary
    • CAPITAL VERSITY Courses helped me in diving deep to fathom the depth of subjects and understanding the core concepts.

      Dr. Manish Sharma
    • I appreciate the CAPITAL VERSITY team regarding the planning, coordination and execution of various courses, conduct of exam effectively and efficiently.

      Mithun Roy
    • CAPITAL VERSITY courses are well-structured and provide in-depth knowledge .As the courses are designed by eminent scholars/professors, they are really helpful to gain knowledge and also easy to understand a concept from very basic.

      K Thangaraj
    • I am learning through CAPITAL VERSITY courses and gained extra edge over concepts in core and non-core subjects, with my convenience and comfort while sufficing my professional duties.

      Dipjyoti Bisharad
    • The CAPITAL VERSITY online platform is the best online learning platform in the world.

      Shubham Awasthi

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