Stock Market Astrology Course

Astrology is a pure science and from very ancient time people are using it for betterment of the future and to avoid the unwanted situation in life.
Stock Market Astrology Course is a very unique design course only for the investors / traders who have faith in Astrological prediction of Nifty / Sensex.
History is full of examples that those person who have the knowledge of Astrology, earn a lot of money to Join Stock Market Courses and many source of speculative income.
We have customize the tool & techniques to learn astrology in Gurgaon from investment point of view. Course also contain timely prediction of stock price with correlation of Zodiac.
Everyone in his / her life have a golden period to earn money, So in this course we will deeply study the person kundli and tell him “What is the right time for investment in his life”. We also guide the person on behalf of the Astrology which sector is more beneficial for trading and investment purpose as per his zodiac.
After finishing this course you can predict the future of the market, shares as per situation of the planets. You would be able to decide the right time for investment in stock market.
Capital Versity – Best Stock Market School, having edge in Stock Market Courses. We trained the person in such a way he can handle his portfolio own self & can generate high return.

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    Course Content

    • Basics of Astrology
    • Relation b/w astrology & astronomy.
    • Detailed studies planets, bhaav, rashi & nakshtra.
    • How planets effect the stock market
    • How it impacts our life & Investment
    • When stock market will go up /down/ crash/ jump.
    • Individual planets and its correlation with shares
    • Dasha / bhukti / antra as per your horoscope
    • Favorable / unfavorable time for investment in your life.
    • Remedies & gemstones to get more profit in trading.
    • Practical exposure with live stock market screen.

    What you will get after joining

    • Free software to learn stock market
    • Free software to learn astrology
    • Free books / notes to learn astrology
    • Technical analysis software of stock market
    • Free Demat A/c for investment
    • Life time validity for doubt clearing facilty
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