Trading and Investment

Trading and Investment

Ranked 1st for securing a career in Trading & Investment

Capital Versity has opened the gates to an uncharted avenue vast enough for the students to able to explore new possibilities into emerging as the Stock Market Trading Magnates of our generation. Here is your window of opportunity to penetrate deeper into understanding how the stock trading domain precisely functions with its set of vulnerabilities and strengths.

At a Glance

Trading and Investment is a one-year programme that has had a proven track record in helping the students decide their career paths. The students upon successful completion of the course would themselves be able to establish as Successful Stock Market Traders as well as Investors.

Furthermore, students may seek employment in leading Broking firms, banks, Stock portf0lio companies, NSE approved financial holdings and Corporate titans.


Language: English & Hindi


Get the Best Education in Trading and Investment
Only course available in the market covering all the aspects of the stock market.

Benefit from a perfect balance of theory and practical
Our program is taught by a team of experienced Mentors holding over a Decade’s of Experience in Trading and Training.

Live Trading, Course Material, and Lifetime Support
The major part of the course involves Live trading on a Daily basis, NISM, and NCFM Certifications.

Certifications, Library, Exam Fees, SIP Investments
Preparation assistance for NISM and NCFM certifications, Access to Library comprising a plethora of stock market-related books

Programme Structure


6-7 Months Course + 1.5 Month Exam Preparation + 3-4 Months Internship (Live Trading)


  • 13+ Certifications
  • Daily Live Trading and Investments
  • 7+ Mentors Cum Traders with combined experience ( Over 100 years )
  • Free Limited Retakes & Class Backups
  • Lifetime Support
  • Trading Internship
  • Job Guarantee
  • Free Demat A/c with Discounted Brokerages & NISM/NCFM Exam Preparation Material
  • Travel Reimbursement
  • SIP Investments
  • Funds to Trade up to 10 Lacs


An internship with us would be beneficial on a personal as well as a professional level in the long run. The internship shall enable you to get hands-on experience, working in a live trading ecosystem under the tutelage of an experienced mentor; and in tandem with skilled Stock Market Traders.

As a consequence of our increased emphasis on a more practical approach, the Capital Versity are empowered enough to be able to think of ways to identify and manage the risks involved in stock market trading. Therefore, making each Capital Versity significantly visible to Lucrative Business Opportunities such as HNI’s portfolios and also other investments.


The Project bestows you with the ability to put the acquired knowledge base and skills into practice.

Once your capabilities have been proven to the Capital Versity faculty and other stakeholders while working under their unparalleled guidance; we may offer you an opportunity to handle a portfolio up to 10 lacs on a profit-sharing basis.

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    Course Modules

    Basics and Capital Market

    There is a ton of information out there on various social media platforms and blogging websites to learn to trade. However, for a beginner, this proves to be more confusing than helpful. In this module, we will do it the right way.

    Covering 100+ Topics
    To know more about the module, click here

    Derivative Trading and Strategies

    Derivatives are the market for financial instruments like future or options. This module includes an introduction to the various strategies like Bull call spread, bull put spread, call or put option (Buy & Sell), Intrinsic and time value. It further explores the hedging –using futures.

    Covering 42+ Topics

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    Technical Analysis

    This is what makes Stock Market Trading worth it. As we all know, Technical Analysis is the most crucial part of Stock Trading. It is the forecasting of future price movements based on previous charts examination. This course is driven by the desire to see traders succeed.

    Covering 27 Topics + 24 Strategies + Live Trading

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    Commodity markets being the second biggest market on the planet offers customers a chance to differentiate their portfolio as it has a low relationship with value markets, moderately more obvious as costs are affected by the fundamental financial aspects of interest and supply and appreciate lower edges with high influence.

    To know more about the module, click here

    Advanced Technical Analysis

    We see all parts of financial exchange and subsequent to examining each perspective, we have structured the best Advanced Technical analysis course that spotlights on honing the exchanging capacities of merchants. This course advantages individual who are already trading in the stock market and wants to take it to another level.

    To know more about the module, click here

    Advanced Derivatives

    Increase a profound comprehension of derivative instruments. Become familiar with the basic fundamental mathematics in an instinctive, available style. Create ability in the hypothesis and routine with regards to derivatives valuation including the utilization of limited distinction systems. Get instability and change items and unpredictability trading methodologies.

    To know more about the module, click here

    Investment Advisor Level 1 Or series XA

    This Module is a preparation to the NISM series X-A: Investment Adviser (Level 1) examination. This examination looks to make a typical least learning benchmark for all the people enlisted as an investment adviser and accomplices or agents of investment advisers under SEBI (Investment Advisers) Regulations, 2013 and advertising investment warning administrations.

    To know more about the course, Click here

    Investment Advisor Level 2 or Series XB

    This Module is a preparation to the NISM series X-B: Investment Adviser (Level 2) examination. This examination looks to make a typical least learning benchmark for all the people enlisted as an investment adviser and accomplices or agents of investment advisers under SEBI (Investment Advisers) Regulations, 2013 and advertising investment warning administrations.

    To know more about the course, click here

    Fundamental Analysis or Research Analysis

    Essentially fundamental analysis involves the study of financials and key ratios like P/E (Price to Earnings) ratio, P/B (Price to Book Value) of the stock, Beta of the Stock, Dividend Yield, Debt, etc. In this course, we will discuss the fundamental analysis in detail.

    • Covering 40+ Topics

    To know more about the module, Click here or here

    Psychology and Risk Management

    Our psychology completely changes the way we trade. Any trade we execute can be highly affected, either directly or indirectly, by our psychology. Ultimately it’s all about when, how, where and with how much money we trade. It is very important to have the right skills and a positive mindset.

    Mutual Funds

    Learn to invest in the stock market in the instruments with almost Zero Risk. Discover the methods in the classroom to invest in the Smallcap, Midcap and Large-cap funds with Low Risk, Moderate and High-risk investments.

    To know more about the Workshop. Click here

    Currency Derivatives

    Forex is the biggest market on earth. It is assessed that an overabundance of $2 trillion US Dollars (USD) is exchanged each day from which one can see that the extent of the cash exchanging business sector surpasses all other value showcases on the planet joined. The expanding levels of globalization have made each worldwide market connected to its partners, in which, forex is the most evident field.

    To know more about the module , click here


    Our training modules have been curated and teaching methods devised to help the students tap into their full potential. Hence, transforming the students into experts capable of handling unpredictable and aggressive business conditions.

    The programme shall aid you in enhancing and implementing your investigative and reasoning skills in a complex business environment; utilizing your functional abilities also in the process.

    Our methodology includes:

    Core Curriculum

    • Responds to trends in the Stock Market
    • Embraces the Fundamental and Technical Analysis

    Applied Learning

    • Case studies

    Standard Learning

    • Lectures
    • Seminar
    • Tutorials
    • Workshops

    Personal Performance Coaching

    • Interviewing Strategies
    • Opportunity Recognitions
    • Psychology and Risk Management
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