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COURSE DESCRIPTION – Capsule Course (CC) itself defines as a short –term course is a new initiative of Capital Versity for those who are in complete dilemma whether trading and investing is made for them or not or for those who want to begin their career but find plenty of hurdles on the way to start. This short-term Financial Market Courses program moulds you and transforms you into ‘absolute stock market soul.’ It gives you opportunities to introspect and give chance to your skill to decide whether stock market domain is yours or not. Capital Versity starts with very grass root level and makes you to feel affirm at the end.

Capsule course has chiefly two dimensions –First Level –A: Basic General Knowledge Foundation of Stock Market and Second Level-B: more inclination towards technical and practical elements. Capsule Course (CC) is not drafted to merely provide you with a new course package but it’s more than that –it opens doors for you towards Stock Market Courses, it tells you whether Stock Market would be your domain or not, it gives you opportunity to introspect, it makes you more assertive after completion of CC (Capsule Course), it nurtures you, it shapes you, it renovates you, it rewards you, it makes you decision maker , it makes you Trader or Investor.

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    What is Stock Market ?, Profit in Stock Market, Price Up & Down Observation, Investing V/s Trading, Brokers & Stock Exchanges, Deposit & Margin with Broker, Different Instruments, best return strategies, Job avenues, Mutual funds, advisory firms, Opportunities in international markets, fundamental v/s technical analysis, CFS (Cash Flow Statement).


    Investing v/s trading v/s gambling, risk management, psychology of trading, Beauty of Equity, the double edged sword, margin call, M2M(market to market), derivatives, futures, options, CFDs, Portfolio Management, Pro-trader.



    1. What is Stock Market?
    2. Why people lose money in the Stock Market?
    3. Why do prices move up & down?
    4. The difference between investing & trading?
    5. What is Demat A/c & Trading A/c?
    6. Who are stock brokers & stock exchanges?
    7. What is deposit & margin with the brokers?
    8. What are the different instruments to trade & what returns can be expected?
    9. What are the job avenues in the Financial Institutions?
    10. What are Mutual Funds?
    11. What are Advisory Firms?
    12. Job opportunities in Indian Market and International Market
    13. Fundamental Analysis V/s Technical Analysis
    14. Cash Flow Statements


    1. What is Fundamental Analysis?
    2. What is Technical Analysis?
    3. Investing V/s Trading V/s Gambling
    4. How to trading better than gambling?
    5. Role of Risk Management and Psychology in Trading
    6. What is the beauty of equity?
    7. What is the leverage? –‘Double Edged Sword’
    8. What is Margin, What is Margin Call?
    9. What is M2M? = Mark to Market
    10. What is Ageing?
    11. What are Payoffs? (Derivatives)
    12. What are futures?
    13. What are opinions?
    14. What are CFD?
    15. Equity Portfolio Management?
    16. What is pro-trader?

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1.What is CC (Capsule Course?
    ANS -Capsule Course (CC) itself defines as a short –term or crash course is a new initiative of ICFM for those who are in complete dilemma whether trading and investing is tailor-made for them or not or for those who want to begin their career but find plenty of hurdles on the way to start.

    2.Is it for beginners?
    ANS –Yes, it is for beginners who seek opportunities in Stock Market but it is also for those who all are already in Stock Market but do not carry basic knowledge & do not have technical smoothness.

    3.For whom CC is meant?
    ANS –It is preciously prepared for Housewives, Retired Persons, Employed, Professionals, Newly graduate students, and college going students & for beginners etc.

    4.What is the duration of Level –A?
    ANS –The duration of CC Level –A is 10 -12 Hours or 45 Minutes ×14 days

    5.What is the duration of Level –B?
    ANS –The duration of CC Level –B is 13 –14 Hours or 45 Minutes ×16 days

    6.What are the modes of classes/training?
    ANS –We have almost every modes of training/teaching –1. Physical Classroom, 2. Online, 3. Recorded Class

    7.What is the total of fee of CC or do you charge separately for Level –A & B?
    ANS -Total Fees of CC is mentionedabove right on the top inthe same page and charges of CC is itself suffices Level –A & B.Hence no separate charges for Level –A & B.

    8.Is there any job placement after course completion?
    ANS –No, CC is designed to make you to decide for further makeover of career in Stock Market.

    9.Is CC going to help me in maincourses of Stock Market?
    ANS –Absolutely, it is, there are number of components in Level –A & Level –B designed by our subject matter expert panel by keeping in view further foster of career.

    10.Do I need devices like PC/Laptop for CC?
    ANS –If you have PC/Laptop well & good, if not, we provide you designated PC in physical classroom from single day of your CC training.

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