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For in-house training courses almost anything is possible and a bespoke and customised programme can be designed to meet your precise requirements. We are happy to discuss variations to any of our public course outlines, whether to extend or abbreviate them, or to combine elements from different courses to create a bespoke programme. This can even include Best Designing Courses where delivery involves different trainers, each with their own specific areas of expertise.

It can be cost-effective to book a trainer who can deliver a range of different programmes over an extended period and a run of courses back-to-back. Please enquire about what combinations of courses can be offered under this format.

We are also happy to discuss Best Designing Courses in areas not covered within our list of Public Open Courses, perhaps covering highly specialised areas of finance or requiring specific localisation of materials, cases and exercises. Bespoke programmes can be delivered as a series of shorter modules or as a single block of training as an intensive and immersive experience.

Our bench of highly experienced and expert trainers can, between them, cover almost any imaginable topic in the areas of banking and finance. Please contact us to discuss your exact requirements for bespoke training.

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