Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us?

The only trader training program where you get in depth knowledge of Fundamental, Technical and Emotional Analysis and how to use them to generate consistent profits.

Low Batch Strength

We Keep Batch Size Maximum of 10 Students so that each and every student gets individual Attention and Knowledge

Industry Experts

Classes are conducted by best in the industry to make concept clear in minds of students

Maximum Doubt Clearing Sessions

After completion of Course All students will be offered free doubt Clearing Sessions

Certified Course Feature

Students will be offered Certificate at the end of course for job perspective and for Self Learning

Advanced Level Curriculum

Latest Course Curriculum is taught so that students are aware of what is NEW and necessary to generate Consistent profit

Live Trading Session

All the students get chance to Trade in Live Market Hours to attain confidence and to Generate Profits

  • We believe in making Relationship with our students . We encourage students to take Back – Up Classes if they find difficulty in Understanding some Topics.
  • We send Patterns of Charts and Advice to Students to trade and Invest.
  • We at Capital Versity focus on Best Trading Program explaining Diagram and Theoretical concepts and then adapting to Practical Market Examples.
  • We are group of Traders cum Trainers and not just Teachers . We believe that Only Bookish Knowledge is not sufficient and Practical Market experience is necessary to train students .
  • We want our Students to succeed in Trading that is why we keep arranging Special Doubt clearing sessions , where students can discuss their Mistakes and Positive Trades.
  • We also teach our Student Exit policy so that they don’t come out Very Soon from Winning Trade. Remaining in Trade which is giving you Profit is also a very Important Strategy
  • We don’t Sell Dreams that once you do our Course you will start making Quick profits . Any student who joins our institutes should understand that Trading is an Art which may take Months to Years depending upon Each Student to master that is why we keep arranging Special Doubt clearing sessions to hone your Skill.
  • Apart from winning , Survival is Very Important . We teach you how to save your Capital so that you don’t lose your invested Money. We focus on Good Risk- reward ratio and taking Small Profits and Big Profits.
  • You have to Practice Trading to a Level so that it gets in your Sub – Conscious mind . Like you don’t think and Drive or you don’t think and do Typing. The Trading has to come naturally within you.

Why to Study Technical Analysis?

  • Easy to understand and apply compared to Best Fundamental Analysis
  • Good for Short and Medium term trading
  • Helps understand Price Manipulation by Market Makers
  • Find Entry and Exit Point
  • Risk Management – Helps to manage Risk
  • Price Forecasting
  • Best Technical Analysis tells you where is Smart Money Popping in so that you can move with them.
  • Technical analysis tells you Right Time to buy even if you look for Fundamentally Good stocks. A Good stock bought at High Price (Valuation) will not give Good Result.
  • You buy when others are Selling
  • You know before others what is going to happen. Smart Move
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