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What is Wealth Management Certifications

Wealth management is one of India’s fastest-growing industries. Capital Varsity has made it mandatory for people or firms with financial advice businesses to obtain clear Capital Varsity Registered Investment Advisory licenses for its workers. In the current scenario, the people who advise clients/investors on investment options are insurance company agents, mutual fund agents, bank agents, and so on. As a result, they try to sell the product based on their interests rather than the interests of the client, which is why their advice is biased. Even such, no standard qualifying criteria have been established for these individuals to work as agents in the banking and financial services industry.

The Investment Advisers Act of 2013 was presented by Capital Varsity, and it mandates that anyone Providing Financial Advice in the market meet a certain level of understanding. Capital Varsity has created two certification levels for this: Basic and Advanced. Capital Varsity offers SEBI Registered Investment Advisor Training (Capital Varsity RIA) in Gurgaon.

Capital Varsity offers two levels of Wealth Management Certification Courses in Gurgaon:

Basic and Advanced to working professionals employed in investment advice, relationship management, wealth advice, and private banking roles.

The Wealth Management - Basic Certification

The Basic courses are intended for those seeking entry-level positions in wealth management and financial advisory. The goal is to establish a solid foundation in investment concepts and products, as well as to comprehend the process of goal-based financial planning and asset allocation.

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Course Content

  • Risk, Return and Asset Allocation
  • Personal Finance and Investment Planning
  • Equity Markets: Structure and Working
  • Equity Analysis & Investing
  • Debt and Derivatives Markets
  • Mutual Funds Products
  • Mutual Funds in Wealth Management
  • Insurance
  • Banking
  • Other Investment Products
  • Leverage in Personal Finance
  • Process and Regulations

Elements for Basic and Advance Levels

  1. Online study plan
  2. Online case study quizzes
  3. Workbook covering the complete curriculum
  4. Classroom training session (optional)
  5. Financial Planning Advisory Company
  6. Final supervised online examination at an NSE IT centres every quarter

Why you should enroll for this course

  1. If you want to work being a impendent consultant in the securities market.
  2. If you want to get employment in Financial Services Industry
  3. If you want to became a Trainer in Banking and Financial Services Industry

Career Opportunities after Completing this course

You can get employment in following segment:

  1. Banking sector
  2. Broking Industry
  3. Mutual Fund Company
  4. Insurance Industry
  5. Financial Planning Advisory Company
  6. NBFC Companies
  7. Real Estate sector
  8. Derivatives research company
  9. Equity research Company

Note: After completing the advance certification you can register yourself under the Capital Varsity Registered Investment Advisor and can work being a independent consultant in the market to give advice on securities market and can charge fee from client to give advices.

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