Franchise Support

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Our Support System

Support before the opening of the institute
We will assist in the creation of the institute’s design.
Assist with the procurement of standardized materials such as equipment, furniture, and fixtures.
Advice on IT hardware, software, and system installation, maintenance, and upgrades.
Supply of office stationary like admission forms, inquiry forms, counseling pads, manuals.
Help to appoint staff.
The study material of the first batch of 10 students
Before opening, distribute marketing materials such as pamphlets.
Before the branch opens, we will offer the franchisee brochures, visiting cards, canopy, stands, and other items in a franchise kit, such as banners and posters. interior decoration with vinyl posters

Academic Research & Development
A well-rounded curriculum that is constantly examined and updated.
Addition of new content and courses
Continuous Monitoring system to ensure quality.

Marketing Guidance
Guidelines for launching the Institute, including publicity material and low-cost effective promotion schemes.
Advice on developing and implementing an Annual Marketing Strategy.
Development of PR Strategy.
Access to professionally created advertising, promotional, and marketing materials, such as brochure designs, digital marketing, website leads, mailers, and SMS marketing.

System & Quality Control
Providing administrative systems and manuals for the institute’s daily operations.
Easy-to-understand reporting formats for each branch’s convenience.
Regular monitoring and reporting system to ensure smooth functioning of all branches.

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