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U.S. stocks have been under pressure going into next week’s key economic data releases after the carry over effects of the recent Non-Farm Payroll (NFP) report hurt valuations (in particular rate-sensitive growth stocks). The chart below shows both the 2-year (orange) and 10-year U.S. government bond yields rising of recent leaving future earnings for these...
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Major economic data has the potential to drastically move the forex market. It is this very movement, or volatility, that most newer traders seek when learning how to trade forex news. This article covers the major news releases, when they occur, and presents the various ways traders can trade the news. WHY TRADE THE NEWS...
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Forex Education
The bases of macroeconomics are widely followed data points that can carry a big impact to the world, and markets, around us. 1Employment: The Key Driver of Economic Growth and ProsperityEmployment plays a crucial role in driving economic growth for both developed and emerging economies.2Economic Growth: What is GDP GrowthGDP serves as a primary gauge...
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