Euro Weekly Forecast
EURO WEEKLY FORECAST The Euro managed modest gains against the US Dollar on Friday, helped in part by news that the Eurozone economy managed some growth at last last month. The S&P Global’s Composite Purchasing Managers Index for the currency bloc climbed to a seven month high of 50.3 in January. That was above both...
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FOMO vs JOMO: that one letter makes all the difference. JOMO substitutes ‘fear’ for ‘joy’, suggesting that not only is it OK to miss out – it’s actually something to be relished. JOMO is an important concept for traders, emphasizing the need to take a step back, think, plan and enjoy, rather than rushing into...
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Forex Education
The bases of macroeconomics are widely followed data points that can carry a big impact to the world, and markets, around us. 1Employment: The Key Driver of Economic Growth and ProsperityEmployment plays a crucial role in driving economic growth for both developed and emerging economies.2Economic Growth: What is GDP GrowthGDP serves as a primary gauge...
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