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Financial Market Fast-Tracked

Looking to fast track your trading? Learn to trade live alongside professionals with access to a 24-module online course and daily trading information.

3 Day Financial Market Trading Masterclass

3 days on the FMO trading floor learning price action and technical analysis to give you a winning edge in the market. The final day we put theory to practice for a full day of live trading.

Funded Trader Programme

Looking to fast track your trading? We will fund you up to $1,500,000. Work in direct contact with our professional trading team splitting all profits 50:50.

Advanced Trader Programme

Learn who drives the market & how best to capitalise on these moves. Increase your return by trading 60 additional assets including Stocks, Commodities & Metals in line with the major players of todays markets.

Introduction to Capital Markets

This Introduction to Capital Markets course offers a comprehensive overview of the industry, and key career opportunities. You will learn about the Sell-Side, Buy-Side, and the most popular and sought-after career paths in each of those respective groups.

Elliott Wave Trading Course

Elliott Wave Theory is discovered by Ralph Nelson Elliott in 1930 for stock analysis. This trading technique is difficult to understand but once you understand will you be able to analysis better stocks. We have made an Elliott Wave Trading course for you.

Gann Trading Course

Gann angles are used to predict significant tops, bottoms and changes trend. This is a arithmetical technique known as squaring, which is used to determine time zones and when the market is likely to change direction.

Fundamental Analysis and Wealth Management

The content of this course is designed in such a way that it helps you to do your own Wealth Management and Financial Planning. You can select right time to enter a Share based on Value Investing.

Financial Market Trading Course

This course is for wants to learn how to make money in International Forex Market. Well proven techniques those make you make money in this market.

Commodity Trading Training Courses

Commodity Trading is not easy to comprehend. Perhaps you have heard a bit about it yet require an intense coaching as a guide to understanding the grass roots. So, rely on this course. Basically, the commodity trading courses are designed to help you understand the world of commodity trading. It touches all the aspects of commodity trading as to give the requisite picture that develops your mind.

Crypto Currency Trading

This Cryptocurrency trading course is designed for those who have little or no financial /trading background and wish to make the best of cryptocurrency boom. Cryptocurrency like stocks and shares can be traded and with proper technical analysis and trading knowledge you can avoid heavy losses and identify avenues to make big profits.

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