Is Trading a Good Career for students?

Trading has the potential to be a full-time professional career and more candidates are beginning to seek out stock market jobs.

There is no minimum age to begin investing in the stock market; minors as well as adults can invest. Therefore it is important to teach students the basic concepts such as stocks, NSE, BSE, mutual funds, equity and others. Helping them understand different variations will empower them with options and choices. Improve their stock analytical skills. Indians are well-known for their intelligent thinking when it comes to money, however, when it comes to understanding investment and financial diversification there is a huge lack of knowledge and investment appetite. Young professionals find it hard to file their taxes, understand the equity markets or practice trading & investment as not enough emphasis was given to teaching the students about these potentially important life-subjects in schools or colleges.

A majority of Indian households prefer to save their money in bank deposits while less than 10 percent go for investing in alternative assets.

including stocks or mutual funds. In fact, gold, post-office savings and real estate are prioritized when it comes to stock trading and investment This typical money saving tactic is often the reason why the youth is vary of going the unconventional way when it comes to saving. Watching their elders digress from the path of risk, they too lack the appetite and knowledge in investing and prefer the saving module.

While there is nothing wrong in saving money in bank deposits, there is a plausible risk of value depreciation due to inflation over time. This calls for a need for early training in stock trading and investment, teaching them about the concepts of compounding, share market, portfolio diversification and much more that can help them be more financially savvy as adult Investing early on also allows them to take small and calculated risks without the fear of affecting their livelihoods and families. It in fact, offers an insight into stock assessment and investment risks which empowers them to analyze existing share prices and observe their rise and fall to make smart choices.

Key Points

  • The market will eventually become a safer environment where your trading system will lead you to greater success.
  • Traders need research and analytical skills to monitor broad economic factors and day to day chart patterns that impact financial markets.
  • An online trading platform can be used to execute a buy or sell order within seconds.
  • Online stock market trading is the perfect way to invest your money wisely and get cleverly managed returns.

Benefits Of Online Trading Course

Investing is essential these days to accomplish all our financial objectives and also to beat inflation. There are quite a few investment options available, and you can select them as per your requirements and expediency. In the present day digital age, technological advances have made the whole process of investing and managing investments very suitable. One such investment option is online trading. It is pretty significant that you confirm trades and review statements before you start using an online investing system. Online trading courses can be quite helpful. In this article, we will look at the advantages of online trading courses.

Trading is a big business today with several people going through professional training to study trading skills. As the digital age started, students were provided the chance to get a professional qualification online in several disciplines, including trading.

Online Trading

This Is selling and buying financial products via an online trading policy. These platforms are offered by internet based brokers usually and are available to each individual who wishes to try to make money. Maximum brokers offer a range of financial products such as commodities, shares, Forex and indices. Trading platforms offer all the needed assistance by offering secured real time access to research reports, trading, market news, cost analysis of stocks, etc. If you have an internet connection and a trading account you can purchase or sell shares. You can also trade in the commodity, currency etc. through a single trading platform.

  • After the live webinars, learners get transcripts at the end of day. This enables them to pay attention to the webinars at their own suitable place and time. Moreover, the webinars are small, so you do not have to put in a huge portion of time in them.
  •  With an online trading course, students can attend webinars thrice every day that enables them to communicate with and listen to experts. They can also clear their doubts and seek supervision from experts during the webinar.
  •  Students can access lectures and study material online anywhere, anytime. This offers you the freedom to study at a time that is suitable for you. You can also sit in your living room and access the full set of study material online.
  • Online trading courses offer you practical experience in the trading zone. Students who opt for this course can carry out their trading skills on a real-time trading platform. This will provide you a chance to sharpen your talents before you enter the trading segment.

Different Types Of Trading


Also called micro trading, this day trading technique involves more than one trade transactions in a day with the potential for small profits. Scalpers trade in securities, commodities and foreign exchange. Traders involved in scalping must have a sturdy exist strategy in place to avoid acquiring a large loss in the hopes of making several small profits.

Momentum trading

In this type of trading technique, traders take advantage of the momentum to work towards a profitable trade. The momentum trading technique involves traders who identify the direction in which stocks are moving in high volumes and ride the momentum to acquire the desired profit.

Swing Trading

The swing trading technique involves fundamental traders who work towards capturing gains in a stock, commodity or security over a period of a few days or weeks. Traders in this technique generally use technical analysis to identify potential trading opportunities.

Position Trading

In this trading style, the trader holds a position in a stock or any other financial instrument over a long period of time, which may vary from weeks to years. The principles of position trading are in contrast to day trading.

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