Firstly We See who’s WD Gann.

W. D. Gann was one of the most industrious technical analysts who made thousands of charts displaying daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly prices for a good variety of stocks and commodities. W. D. Gann was certainly among the more successful. Creating and publicizing a replacement approach to analysing markets, Gann claimed that he had set a  record in leverage and accuracy more than once and that he had developed trading strategies for speculators,  which he could predict market moves to exact price levels. Gann was all about the trend, support, resistance, and a target. First, he identified the trend,  then he found prices that would accelerate the move in the direction of the trend and a price that would change the trend.

Requirements of Doing this Course

•     Basic understanding of Forex or Stock trading.

•     Willingness  to find out

•     An Open Mind

•     You will need a practice Trading Account

Who This Course is For:

•     you  shouldn’t  take this course if you aren’t willing to dedicate some time and discipline to learning the strategy

•     Anyone who is willing to find out,  the way to  Trade.

Gann Square Trading

Gann Square Trading is the Most Talked about Tool in Trading amongst the most popular technical Day Trading or Long Term Trading Tools in the world Gann Square may be a form of technical analysis based on the idea that the market is geometric and cyclical in nature. The tool is comprised of Multiple diagonal/Vertical/Trend and Arc lines that facilitate your trading.  we’ll explain it thoroughly through Live Trades However we’d like your Complete Attention, otherwise, you won’t know it Learn how to draw Gann Square yourself and be equipped with an advanced trading (Technical Analysis) Tool that is used by Professional traders Gann Square Tool may be a  tool that is formed by merging Gann Box, Arc’s, and Trend Lines. Through them and therefore the  Strategy that Advance traders follow; you will learn a new advanced skill that is known by very few I will help you understand how to merge the Gann Square tool with your existing strategy or indicator This Gann Square Technical Analysis course comes with a guarantee that you simply can always apply for a 100% Refund within 30 days.

I will teach you the Gann Square trading strategy which is a complex support and resistance trading strategy that uses diagonal support and resistance levels forex education course academy. Lines of Gann Square are built at different angles from a crucial base or peak at the price chart. These Important Angles help in Trading through Advance Mathematic Angles The Only Tactical Technical Analysis Gann Square Strategy Course: Setup One High-Profitable Trade After Another. Technical Analysis Trading may be a  form of Advance Forex or Stock trading in which individuals buy and sell shares over a single day’s trading or long-term trading, with the intention of taking advantage of small price fluctuations.

Something More About Gann Levels Trading

Gann levels trading may be a famous concept of trading in Indian Stocks and Indices. Here during this course,  we’ve provided a free Trading view indicator of Gann Level with that Spot V wap indicator. This course is bounded by rules from entry to exit. It creates a correct mind set in you for trading with this Gann Level indicator The course contains a high probability trading setup, especially trading in Nifty & Bank nifty. This causes you to perfect trade execution which will lead to consistency in trading and in the end the way to profit Trading is predicated 60% on trading psychology which new and novice traders neglect. The course will give lessons on trading psychology while learning strategy. Trading psychology will facilitate your to hold profitable positions and square off losing one. Before that,  you’ll learn to only take high-probability trades We have provided ample live trading examples so that you will have an analysis that how to exactly and where to exactly place the trade with that knowledge of entry at right time and at the right candlestick. Execution of trade is vital which gives us the sense of our risk going to be in that particular trade. Learn from basics to advance what’s important for trading in Indian stock and indices, trading is difficult if you create it complicated. We made trading simple for you with Gann level trading setup, practice it!  and begin your journey.

Major Levels of Gann

The Major Gann Levels study is designed for Gann theory implementation based on numerical relationships between past High and Low prices and cyclical patterns in time. Gann’s theory distinguishes four major levels of support: G1, G2, G3, and G4. G1 is the level of 50% retracement from the all-time High, which could be indicative of future upward movement renewal. If that does not hold, search for the G2 level which is the midpoint between the all-time High and all-time Low. Renewal failure at G2 suggests trying to find G3 which is a 75% retracement from the all-time High. If all three levels did not indicate support, it’d occur at G4 which is calculated as a quarter of the all-time High-Low range added to the all-time Low.

•G1      The G1 Gann Level; 50% retracement from the all-time High to zero.

•G2      The G2 Gann Level; 50% retracement from the all-time High to rock bottom.

•G3      The G3 Gann Level; 75% retracement from the all-time High to zero.

•G4      The G4 Gann Level; 75% retracement from the all-time High to rock bottom.

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