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Macro-economic fundamentals underpin almost all markets in the global economy via growth, inflation and employment.

Macroeconomic Bases
The bases of macroeconomics are widely followed data points that can carry a big impact to the world, and markets, around us.

Employment: The Key Driver of Economic Growth and Prosperity
Employment plays a crucial role in driving economic growth for both developed and emerging economies.
Economic Growth: What is GDP Growth?
GDP serves as a primary gauge of an economy’s health and an important data release for traders.
Understanding Inflation and its Global Impact
Inflation deals with the general price increases in an economy however, this simple economic figure can have massive ramifications.
The Nucleus of the Forex Market: Trade and Capital Flows
The nucleus of the FX market are trade and capital flows, and this article explains why by using a hypothetical example and actual prices.

The Role of Central Banks
Central banks make policy decisions based on the prevailing data, and they have extraordinary power to push markets and economies in the direction that they want.
Central Banks and Monetary Policy: How Central Bankers Set Policy
Central banks are an impactful force across global markets, but how do they decide to mold policy.

Quantitative Easing (QE) Explained: Central Bank Tool for Growth
What is quantitative easing (QE) and how do central banks like the Fed and ECB use it? Learn how QE supplements monetary policy when rate cuts don’t cut it.
How Do Politics and Central Banks Impact FX Markets?
Foreign exchange – or “forex” – markets often pay close attention to politics and central bank policy. We offer a model for traders to gauge their impact on exchange rates.
Political Impact to Global Markets
Economics impacts politics and vice-versa; but how can traders incorporate this very important driver into their analysis and approaches.

How to Trade the Impact of Politics on Global Financial Markets
In a slowing global economy, the threat of geopolitical risks destabilizing global growth are elevated and open the door to violent volatility – and trading opportunities.
Gold Price Implications Around US Presidential Elections
The price of gold has become more responsive to the macroeconomic landscape since President Richard Nixon took steps to end the Bretton-Woods system starting in 1971.
How Societal and Economic Crises Impact US Presidential Elections
Many elections have coincided with crises, none more so than the 2020 election. How have social and economic crises impacted elections in the past and present?
S&P 500, Dow Jones: Can Stock Markets Predict Presidential Elections?
Does S&P 500 and Dow Jones Industrial Average performance 3 months or 1 year before a US presidential election impact its outcome?

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